Hi, my name is Carey Boyce.

Welcome to How to be Happy in a Hurry

I use a combination of different body and energy therapies to help boost your energy, brighten your mood, calm your mind and move your body. Switch up your energy so you can be happy in a hurry. Please book your free taster session here.

Success Stories

Bez Bezson

Bez Bezson

Business Owner

"Really helpful – my partner an I both left the workshop feeling upbeat and energised, ready to take on anything.

Carey got me to re-evaluate how I have been thinking about my life, and adjust my priorities to get moving towards where I want to be.

Thoroughly recommended!"

Andrea Boothroyd

Andrea Boothroyd

Independent Artist

"Having taken part in one of Carey’s positivity packed workshops, I would highly recommend them to anyone who is seeking to develop their confidence, overcome anxiety and approach the world feeling at their very best.

Carey breaks down ideas and activities with enthusiasm and clarity and teaches a good range of strategies for confidence, so you can choose something which best suits you.

Carey also provides opportunities to reflect on and explore personal goals. All in all, a highly enjoyable experience, and one which will give you food for thought and some new tools to boost your self confidence."

Connie Taylor

Connie Taylor


"What can I say about Carey? Only that her workshop helped my to get out of the rut I was in, and energise me to manifest the changes I needed.

I’m more focused thanks to practising meditation daily, and am better able to weather whatever the universe throws at me, thank to the tools she has given me."

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