Hannah Hudson-Lee

How to be Happy in a Hurry is a wonderful, warm, skilled professional and caring therapist.

I am noticing an improvement in myself after just one session. Getting back in touch with what my body needs is helping me learn to look after myself better. I cannot thank her enough.

Sarah Ellison

A massive thank you Carey, so perceptive, so good to be back to positive vibes only

Ann Chappell

Carey is very welcoming and friendly person and her help and guidance is priceless.

Paula Hunter

very nice person to deal with, hoping to attend different sessions in the future, would highly recommend, it has had a possitive effect on my everyday life, thankyou carey

Katie Brown

Carey is a wonderful lady and therapist who has helped me overcome a lot of problems and become a better and more confident person ☺

Audrey Scully

Carey is a great therapist and healer. She has helped me feel better and raised my levels spiritually. Thank you Carey and looking forward to my next session.


Love Carey, Carey feed and pet

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