Strip off that weighty stress!

One day workshop, running at Burton Street, Sheffield.

10:30a.m.-12.30p.m. Saturday 6th May.


Some of your takeaways from this workshop will be:

  • New ways to control your anxiety.
  • Use on your self techniques to instantly make yourself calmer.
  • Better ways to ease your mind and soothe your mood.
  • New skills to clear old patterns and behaviours to let the real you shine.

This is a fun and interactive workshop, so please wear comfortable clothing.

Tea and coffee are provided, as is a personal self-help manual for you to take home.

Please book now, as places are limited.

Free Workshop!

I look forward to seeing you there 🙂


<!–Hello and welcome to How to be Happy in a Hurry!
Tell me, have you ever had that awful feeling of being stuck?
Where you know you want or need to change something but you’re not sure what or how, you just know things have to be different?

Maybe it’s that you want to make a change or reach a goal but that you seem to never be able to get yourself to take action. Or maybe you feel stuck because no matter what you try, you seem to always fail or quit. Do you feel ‘blocked’ no matter what you try to do?

It sometimes seems that every time we want to make a change, our unconscious fears, negative emotions, and past experiences sabotage us and keep us stuck…

The good news is, How to be Happy in a Hurry can help you.

Using proven Physical, Mental, Visual and Energy techniques we can help you rewire your brain, and shift your unconscious beliefs and clear the emotions that hold you back.

The techniques taught allow you to take control of your own well being, improve your self-esteem and enable to you be happy in your work and daily to day life.

These Confidence-building techniques combined with clear thinking calmness practices let you reach your highest potential and help you create the best life for you.

Don’t worry how, become Happy in a Hurry now!
I offer workshops, talks, training days and one-to-one sessions tailored to your needs. Whether for individuals or groups, these sessions help you get closer to your ideal you.