On Thursday afternoons I run a How to be Happy in a Hurry Club. Its a weekly workshop and people come if they need a bit of a boost. Maybe they are having a tough week and need a smile, maybe they want to clear something that has been troubling them, sometimes they just come for the fun of learning how to be more in charge of their bodies and minds.
The other week was a particularly busy Club. One person was there for an energy boost as they were feeling drained, some were there to calm their racing minds and internal chatter and some just wanted to find out more. We started off with some simple re-focussing techniques. These are designed to calm, connect and relax the mind. Then we all picked a goal we would like to achieve in the coming week. We noticed how ‘happy’ our bodies felt about our goals, ie; did our shoulders drop at the thought, did we sigh deeply, did our legs feel like lead. Its always surprising what you notice your body is saying to you if you just listen for a moment.
We did some simple movements and then thought of our goals again, how did our bodies feel now? Amazingly everyone felt ‘lighter’ ‘more ready’ and ‘more energised’ to achieve their goal! Excellent work and really very simple ways to clear the ‘weight of the World’.
I’m looking forward to seeing them again this week and hearing how their weeks have been.


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