P1090455I love the work I do. Everyday in some way I can help people feel better about life either by helping them to re-energize, or by clearing a whole heap load of stress from their systems. Its amazing to see the difference a few minutes ‘work’ can make.

Last weekend I was away enjoying a friends’ Hen Do at a Spa. The ‘Hen’ told me how worked up she was feeling about the wedding, in relation to her relations attending. I showed her two techniques she could do straight away to clear the worry that was rolling around in her mind. I held her ESR (Emotional Stress Release) points on her forehead and asked her to think through the thoughts that were bothering her the most. Within about 10 minutes she had calmed right down and her breathing had relaxed a lot too. When I asked her to now think of her family, she said she couldn’t even hold the thought in her head and felt so much better and more positive about them attending the wedding.

It was a simple technique that took 10 minutes but helped my poor stressed out Hen hugely. The Bride-to-Be also now knows how to clear her stress in future if more worrying thoughts should arise.

I celebrated by having another dip in the pool!


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